All images © Rob Kenyon

All images © Rob Kenyon
Jazz jam at the Amersham Arms by Colin Humphries.
Jazz jam at the Montague by Rowan Porteous.

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'Autumn Leaves' - Ally Mtwalo - vocal. Andy Godwin - soprano sax.. 3/8/06

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Steve Sincock said...

Hi, The first time I have got to look at this site since I bought my home computer,despite the fact that I have been coming to this jam on and off for years and years.

The quality of the photographs are excellent and give a great atmosphere.

I am part of a musicians collective with Mike Hobart who is also featured in some of the photos.Our site is at and we are playing at Stage B on 6th March and Cargo on 9th March.

Steve Sincock[tpt and flg]