All images © Rob Kenyon

All images © Rob Kenyon
Jazz jam at the Amersham Arms by Colin Humphries.
Jazz jam at the Montague by Rowan Porteous.

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'Autumn Leaves'. Fanny Bériaux - vocal. Andy Ryser Szymanski. pocket trumpet. 20/7/06


Salsa said...

Good photos. Visit us and listen jazz Visite-nos para ouvir muito jazz e para ler algumas variações sobre o tema:

Salsa said...

Where is the sound? I hope listen them.

AmJam said...

Good question.

We have recorded some sessions, and there are tracks we could lay over, but then there are complications because of the public nature of the event, and it can be enough of a problem for some people being photographed, let alone recorded as well.

One night we'll set up a pre-arranged recording night, and do a cd.

AmJam said...

Link up and running. (see sidebar)

Great blog.

I think our musicians would love it, especially Filipe Moon, who is from Sao Paulo. I'll pass your URL on to him.