All images © Rob Kenyon

All images © Rob Kenyon
Jazz jam at the Amersham Arms by Colin Humphries.
Jazz jam at the Montague by Rowan Porteous.

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Montague Retrospective.

If you were part of this scene at the Montague, enjoy.


Amjam Retrospective. 2004-7

If you were part of this scene at the Amersham Arms, sit back and remember.


FeverJam 15

Open Mike Jazz & Blues Jam 
Robert Juritz - Tenor Sax.
Soner Ersen - piano
Zach McCullough - drums
04 October, 8:30pm - Midnight
The Montague Arms
289 Queen's Road
London SE15 2PA
buses 171 / 177/ 136 / 36. New Cross Gate Tube. Queen's Road station.


Fever Jam 12. July 2011

05 July at 8:30 - Midnight. £3.
Montague Arms. 289 Queens Rd. London, United Kingdom SE14 5JN
289 Queens Rd London SE14 5JN. Buses. 177. 171. 36. 136. Queen’s Road Rail. New x Gate tube.
Featuring Mike Hobart


Fever Jam11. June 2011

 Lydian B Dhami - bass
 Robert Juritz (tenor)
 Soner Erson
 Robert Juritz. Margaret (trumpet)
 Margaret (trumpet)
 Margaret (trumpet)
 Lorraine Hibbert
 Lorraine Hibbert
Barbara Reggio  
 Jimmy Beckley
 Pete Duncan
 Rowan Porteous

 Shaun Davey
  Shaun Davey
Andrew Ryser Szymański