All images © Rob Kenyon

All images © Rob Kenyon
Jazz jam at the Amersham Arms by Colin Humphries.
Jazz jam at the Montague by Rowan Porteous.

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Temporary Miscellaneous, SALES BOARD

Just some photographic technical stuff for those interested.
The shots in this blog were mostly shot at 400ASA, shutter priority, 3.5 at 50th of a second on a three year old medium-level digital camera at 1Mb each file, which is plenty for online publishing.
A good rule of thumb for jazzography seems to be to forget about keeping anything 'level'. Fill the frame, get as many faces in the throes of ecstasy and concentration as you can (it's almost impossible to take a bad picture of someone at work) meter and focus on the face, and you can almost guarantee some decent shots.

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